Botswana telecommunications industry owes its success to the intrepid decision and visionary leadership which found it paramount to liberalize the telco sector to create a uniform environment for all players, culminating in the conception of Botswana Fibre Networks Ltd (BoFiNet). BoFiNet is a wholesale provider of national and international telecommunication infrastructure. Core to BoFiNet’s mandate is to provide and operate a world class telecommunications backbone network infrastructure which will drive connectivity and economic growth. BoFiNet services all licensed telco Operators both Nationally and Internationally.


In recent years the Botswana Government has acquired stakes in the EASSy and WACS submarine cables, which are managed by BoFiNet. This acquisition demonstrates Government's commitment to the development of the ICT sector which is estimated at U$321million over 35 years, of which a third is managed by BoFiNet.

 BoFiNet boasts more than 9000km of fiber connectivity based on an SDH and DWDM network. This provide immense capacity that is able to provide for any customers that require transport networks of impressive size. BoFiNet’s unparalleled local connectivity  avowals local loops comprising both fiber and wireless technologies to provide for access network. In the ploy to improve the last mile connectivity the government through BoFiNet has made and continues to significantly make notable investments to provide Fiber – To –The X for the local area networks in most of the major towns and cities. In addition to driving penetration through partnerships BoFiNet has been making strides in the provision of Public  Wholesale Wi-Fi in strategic area such as  hospitals, shopping malls, government enclaves and airports thorough the country. The culminating effect of these network developments have resulted in reduction in price for internet connectivity by service providers and improvements in network reach. The developments in the core backbone has placed the country as an ideal partner for providing  transit connectivity to neighboring countries ( Zambia, Zimbabwe, Namibia and South Africa) through more than four exit and entry points making the company a strong regional contender and  an ideal partner of choice.


  BoFiNet vaunt international capacity that runs on the EASSY, WACS and EIG undersea cables to PoPs in South Africa, Djibouti, London and currently exploring other strategic locations regionally and international.  This provide yet another important surety that BoFiNet is prepared for global customers.

BoFiNet Strategic Outlook

BoFiNet's strategic outlook is anchored on three themes being: National Broadband Coverage, Service & Operational Excellence and Sustainability. The strategic themes positions the company well as a strategic player toward achieving the Government’s goal of ‘Access for All’. This is been demonstrated by the ontinued investment by Government through BoFiNet's infrastructure expansion to reach all corners of Botswana. Furthermore BoFiNet‘s dedication to improvement of the customer service landscape is of critical importance. This is viewed as the ingredient for both acquisition and retention purposes. The organizations seems to influence the market through being exemplary to the telecommunications market in general. The resulting desired future is to create shareholder value through operational efficiency that will lead to sustainability. Enabling Business Environment

Telecommunications is at the heart of the business grind and a key enabler. With BoFiNet providing connectivity, Botswana will be a globally competitive, knowledge and information society where lasting improvements in social, economic and cultural development is achieved through effective use of ICT”. BoFiNet also has potential to spur the creation of an enabling environment for the growth of an ICT industry in the Southern Africa region; through supporting the provision of universal service and access to information and communication facilities. This will increase participation in the knowledge based economy.


Transit at the heart of Southern Africa

Botswana is a land-linked country at the heart of Southern Africa, bordered by Namibia, Zambia, Zimbabwe and South Africa. Its central location in this region makes Botswana the perfect gateway for reaching the whole of the Southern African Development Community (SADC), making it an ideal transit hub tor telecommunications and data services for the region and beyond.

Botswana Fibre Networks is physically located at Zambezi Towers, Floor 2, Plot 54352 West Avenue, New CBD, Gaborone, Botswana. The postal contacts are Private Bag 00236, Gaborone Botswana and the telephone is +267 3995500, Fax; +267 3903414, email; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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