Mr. Mooketsi is the Chairperson of the Board of BoFiNet, and a former Board Member of Botswana Telecommunications Corporation. Mr. Mooketsi is currently the Director of Information Technology at the University of Botswana and carries with him over nineteen (19) years of his career in leadership roles. He graduated with Bachelor of Science from the University of Botswana, Bachelor of Engineering (telecommunications) from Anglia Polytechnic University, Master of Information Technology from the University of Newcastle (Australia) and holds a Master of Science in Strategic Management from the University of Derby (UK). He is an Associate Member of the Institute of Engineering and Technology (UK) and a certified IT Manager.  His works within the ICT spaces experience spans thirty (30) years.  Mr. Mooketsi has been instrumental in the introduction of internet in Botswana. He continues to champion the growth of ICT in the country.









Ms. Pauline Sebina is the vice-chairperson of the Board of Directors of Botswana Fibre networks. In addition, she serves as a member of the Board Finance and Audit committee. She holds a Bachelors Degree of Commerce ( and qualified ACCA Association of chartered certified Accountants. A retired executive with over twenty-five (25) years of experience in financial management, general management she continues to impart her extensive knowledge and provides leadership in various industry sectors. She draws from her experience from mining, telecommunications, financial services and the insurance sectors to provide the leadership of BoFiNet to ensure the shareholders’ interest in all financial aspects of business are met and that the business‘s mandate in this regard is balanced.

Ms. Sebina’s profile entails a career as an Accountant with ten (10) years spent in the then Botswana Telecommunications Corporation where she then joined Tswelelo for a period of 12 months. Her career journey continued in leadership roles held at Botswana Export Credit Insurance (BECI) progressing from the position of Deputy General Manager to General Manager where from formal employment in December 2015. Ms. Sebina is an avid yoga and meditation teacher with a contribution towards positive living through a Non-Profit organization called Art of Living Botswana.





Serving as a member of the Board Human Resource Committee and Board Tender Committee Mr. Marvin T. Torto is a founding Board Member of BoFiNet. His extensive knowledge and career background as a Bachelor of Law Degree holder from the University of Botswana, obtained in 1998. He provides critical advisory role to the Board of Directors on matters pertaining to the legal aspects and impacts on the business. Mr. Torto is the Managing Partner of Salbany & Torto Attorneys, a Gaborone based multi-disciplinary firm of Legal Practitioners.  He has previously served as the Vice Chairperson of the Law Society of Botswana and a member of the Judicial Service Commission. He holds a wealth of experience and practice in areas of property law, alternative dispute resolution and general litigation.




Ms. Phillips has over twenty (20) years of experience in the banking industry with an extensive involvement in the Digital Banking environment.  Her role in the introduction of innovative solutions such as online Banking, cell phone Banking, FNB e-Wallet and Mobile App into the Botswana market was significantly notable. Currently she is part of the Virtual Payments Solutions (VPS) team; providing integration and aggregation services, for the management of virtual payments and disbursement solutions. Ms. Yolisa Philips is a member of the Board of Directors of BoFiNet and serves in both the Board Tender Committee and Board Human Resources Committee.




A telecommunications veteran with 36 years of experience within a technical environment including over 10 years of Management and Executive positions. He worked for Botswana Telecommunications Corporation and his role involved conceptualizing, planning and execution of the organizational strategies He was elevated to the rank of General Manager Operations, responsible for service delivery and then General Manager Technology responsible for planning and development of the entire network infrastructure. Mr. Thangwane holds a degree in Electrical Engineering from South Dakota State University in USA and currently a retired Telecommunications Engineer. He serves as the Chairperson of the Board Tender Committee at BoFiNet and a member of the Board Finance and Audit Committee.






Professor Shedden Masupe holds a BSc (Mathematics & Physics) from Mt Allison University (Canada), BSC Eng. (Electrical – Communications and Fields) from University of New Brunswick (Canada), and MSc (Digital Systems) from Cardiff University (UK) and a PhD (Electronics Engineering) from Edinburgh University (UK). He is a member of the Board Human Resource Committee. He is currently the Chief Executive Officer at Botswana Institute for Technology Research and Innovation (BITRI). He was previously a Full Professor of Computer Engineering at BIUST and an Associate Professor of Digital Systems and Computer Engineering at the University of Botswana.Prof. Masupe has worked extensively as a consultant in the ICT industry in Botswana and internationally.






Mr Othusitse Lebuletswe holds a Master of Public Administration, a Bachelor's degree in Accounting and Public Administration and a Diploma in Accounting and Business Studies. He was appointed to BOFINET Board in June 2018 and subsequently appointed Chairperson of the Finance and Audit Committee. He rose through the rank and file within the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development, becoming a Director of Procurement in 2003 and later appointed Deputy Accountant General in 2008 until his retirement in November 2017.
In addition, he has attended high level seminars and workshops where he presented papers including having attended Leadership courses at Harvard school of Business at Harvard University Boston, Massachusetts. He has been in a number of Boards having been a Board member and Chairperson of the Finance and Audit Committee at BCL, Chairperson of the Board, Botswana Savings Bank and Member of the Standards and Setting Committee of Botswana Accountancy and Oversight Authority (BAOA). He has wide knowledge in accounting, finance, procurement, human resource management and leadership. His appointment to BOFINET comes at the right time as it positions itself to be a leader in the sophisticated telecommunications network industry, they will tap in his wide knowledge of finance and  public administration particularly, government.






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