BoFiNet national connectivity ties together business and technology with streamlined network deployment approach with regards to bandwidth market commoditization strategy. BoFiNet’s key goal surrounding this network is to provide a compelling combination of telecommunications transport and value added services in the marketplace.



Botswana Fibre Networks (BoFiNet) has fibre coverage in excess of 6000 Km countrywide covering Cities, major Towns and villages. The backbone fibre ring termed the Trans-Kalahari fibre ring connecting Botswana to all neighboring countries is a 48 core underground fibre and constitutes 80% of the entire fibre build. The remaining 20% is overhead connecting the regional network. In 2014-15 about 1,000Km additional fibre is being implemented which an additional 1,000 is targeted for implementation in 2015-16.

Characteristics of the BoFiNet fibre is as follows; • Fibre count: 8, 16, 48 and 96 • Transmission Mode:  Single mode • Lifespan: 20 years • Specification: ITU-T G.652d • Installation types: o National: Under ground o Regional: Overhead o Metro: Under ground 




The BoFiNet transport networks is built on DDM and SDH networks. Currently there are 55 sites equipped with DWDM equipment as well as 106 sites equipped with SDH equipment. The DWDM network has a capacity of 40 Wavelengths operating at 10Gb/s per wavelength upgradable to 40Gb/s per wavelength. The following services are available from the two platforms; • All PDH services from E1 to STM-64 • Fast Ethernet (FE) and GigaBit Ethernet (GbE) • Fibre Channel: 1/2/4/10 Gb/s • Video storage: 270Mb/s


 BoFiNet has implemented a national IP Core network delivered through state of the art Core Routers. These are implemented in four areas across the country for direct connectivity with the EASSy and WACS submarine cables for direct peering with our upstream partners for internet connectivity. The IP Core network is connected together through the transport network at 10Gb/s and 40Gb/s forming meshed network topology. There is also a national Carrier Ethernet network connecting Cities, Towns and Major villages. This network connects directly to our customers as well as backhauling other planned products delivered through other technologies such as FTTx as well as national WiFi.     

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