BoFiNet has developed packaged internet product and services which are sold at wholesale to Service Providers who then will sell the service to consumers. The products have been developed with a view to improving broadband penetration through pricing and quality of the service. The two flavours developed are dedicated (non-contended)  and shared internet (contended) internet packages.

Fibre Lite

It is a shared internet provided on best effort catering for the SMMEs and residential users who do not necessarily require dedicated internet between 2 Mbps to 10 Mbps.  It is also offered where there is an FTTx network. Fibre Lite is a premium service positioned to provide best possible quality and price to the market via service providers at a minimum speed of 1 Mbps.


Internet Protocol Transit (IPT)

The internet protocol transit product enables customers to connect to internet content. BoFiNet offers premium uncontended IPT service to its customer. Our internet is fully protected with dual undersea cables and with multiple inland routes coming into Botswana. BoFiNet peers with Tier 1 upstream content providers which provides our customers with premium internet content. Our IPT is a blend of regional and international content enabling us to serve a wide range of customers with different content needs.

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