International Private Lease Circuit (IPLC)

Our stake in the ownership of undersea cables such as WACS and EASSy has made it possible for BoFiNet to deploy a resilient and redundant IPLC offering to market. This has created a doorway for national players to have access into widening their reach on the back of competitive prices.


Metro Ethernet / Carrier Ethernet Product

Metro Ethernet offers affordable multi-point to multi-point connectivity. The mesh topology of the network enhances the quality of services and addresses the needs of the customers such as multi-point to multi-point connections through simplified intelligent routing capability of the network. BoFiNet ‘s deployment of a carrier Ethernet Network infrastructure is an effort to provide a diversified range of services over a converged IP/MPLS infrastructure, to cater for the data communication requirements of a wide spectrum of enterprises and services providers. The network deploys a tiered IP/MPLS architecture to provide for both scalability and resilience.


Transit Services

Botswana’s geographical positioning in the region and the inherent comparative advantage as a gateway to the region and the rest of the continent resulted in the aggressive launch of transit services. We have positioned ourselves as a preferred transit service provider for international customers who seek to access in neighbouring countries such as Namibia, Zimbabwe, Zambia and South Africa. BoFiNet through its robust and resilient national network offers international customers value for money with our competitively priced transit product.

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