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Botswana Hotspots is a public Wi-Fi internet service provided by BoFiNet in partnership with Universal Access Services Fund. The Wi-Fi service is available in public areas across Botswana. The service is accessible through various Internet Service Providers (ISPs).


Hotspot Locations

You can get connected from any of the places on this map.

Botswana Hotspots Participating ISP's

How do I connect to a hotspot?

Available Vouchers?

100MB Bundle

  • 20MB BONUS

200MB Bundle

  • 60MB BONUS

250MB Bundle

  • 100MB BONUS

500MB Bundle

  • 250MB BONUS

1000MB Bundle

  • 500MB BONUS

2000MB Bundle

  • 1000MB BONUS

Would you like to know more?

A hotspot is a place where there is a Wi-Fi internet connection. You can connect to Wi-Fi using a smart phone, tablet, laptop or any device that has Wi-Fi.

The Wi-Fi service is available in public areas across Botswana such as Malls, Bus Ranks, Airports, Borders and Hospitals.

Purchase Botswana Hotspots vouchers wherever you are with Botswana Hotspots App. Get the app now on Google Play.

How long it will last will depend on what you will use it on. All vouchers are valid for 30 days.

Yes, Botswana Hotspots allows to you access all your desired sites and apps.