With a strong focus on the responsibilities of a 100% wholly government owned organization, Botswana Fibre Networks holds a high regard for the social and livelihood issues and proactively takes part in community welfare on the back of our expertise and technical strengths. We are reputable in Corporate Social Responsibility projects aimed at assisting, benefitting and empowering marginalized individuals and communities. BoFiNet utilizes resources to benefit and uplift communities in such a way that the quality of life is generally improved and safe guarded. Over the past years, we have invested in the following Corporate Social Investment portfolios;

BoFiNet is a title sponsor of the BoFiNet Softball League, through Botswana Softball Association. The sponsorship started in 2014 and the current contract started last year and will end in 2020_21. The new sponsorship deal amounts to BWP 5 Million. Through this partnership, we are given an opportunity to improve lives of both players and the public, reach our clients various platforms. A new development in the new sponsorship s the sponsorship of the Top Four (4) Junior and Secondary Schools Championships with Botswana Intergrated Sports Association (BISA). This will go a long way in preparing players for the BoFiNet Softball League and growing softball as a sport.

Computers and internet were over the years donated to various schools, Kgotlas and Home Based Centers which has since become a major part of learning activities and are used for researches, as well as the development of IT skills. Our donations have since made a positive difference in the way people do things. BoFiNet has donated ICT resources and telecommunications equipment to among others Bobonong Home Based Care Centre, Kgomodiatshaba Primary School, Seronga Kgotla, Lesirane Primary School, 2018 Nxakato Best student in JC, and many others. In partnership with contractors who are engaged by BoFiNet to deploy fiber in various areas across the country, we have donated an outdoor gym for Tsabong community. We also introduced developments to Mathathane and Molalatau Primary schools where the contractor for the Selebi Phikwe to Mathathane project donated fully networked computer labs with desks and chairs for 30 students, and 20 desktops. In addition, they renovated classrooms for the pre-school – level children and computer labs, which included installation of burglar doors and swing sets for the pre-school – level children at both schools. For the Selebi – Phikwe, Palapye and Serowe Local Loops projects, the contractor identified a community centre and two primary schools where they donated 4 laptops and 4 tablets to the NGO, as well as10 laptops, 10 desktop computers and chairs, and a fully networked computer lab to both schools. In the villages of Satau, Parakarungu and Kachikau, the contractor donated a laptop to Kachikau Kgotla as well as 3 Desktop computers and a printer at Satau and Parakarungu Primary Schools. They also debushed and graded school grounds at Satau Primary School, and renovated of UCCSA church at Kachikau village as part of their greater community outreach efforts. In addition to the above listed donations, BOFINET also donated 5 Mbps of internet connectivity to the schools for a period of 1 year.

BoFiNet as a wholesale provider of network infrastructure, one of its mandates is to improve access to knowledge. We provide free broadband service in different schools for a period of 1 year. Since the inception of BoFiNet, the schools connectivity project has been extended to around 100 schools across Botswana in order to bridge the digital divide. In other schools that we provision internet at, BoFiNet also donate computers and couple it with a revision application that enables learners to take self-tests.

Every year, we award excellence in academics, sports, behavior in over ten schools, a gesture we started in 2017 Prize Giving Ceremonies the objective of giving these awards is to motivate learners and reward hard work. In February 2019, BoFiNet was part of BIUST Graduation Ceremony for the best student in the Faculty of Sciences which was held at their main campus in Palapye.

We are committed to best environmental practices and every time a project is done, BoFiNet goes through an environmental check. These pre – development impact studies are conducted in accordance with the law and local environmental protection agencies to ensure adherence to best practices and set sustainable policies and processes designed to reduce the impact on the planet. Since inception, BoFiNet has successfully engaged 100% citizen owned and run environmental consultancy agencies to guide and provide oversight at 20 of our infrastructure projects to date.

This year we have donated money towards one child who was going for a heart transplant and also funded two other children with cerebral palsy to undergo a stem cell therapy in Mumbai, India.

BoFiNet has adopted about thirty (30) children from vulnerable families around the country. We take of their general upkeep and organize boot camps, Christmas parties and happy birthdays once a year as a way of grooming them to become better citizens of this country.

As part of the Ministry of Transport and Communication initiative, annually all its stakeholders are expected to give back to the community. BoFiNet’s community service Day is normally held in June and we have in the past refurbished and erected a jungle gym in Kgomodiatshaba Primary School, spent a day with senior citizens in Bontleng at Futsal Park and donated 400 pairs of shoes and socks to all learners in Dutlwe Primary School, in Kweneng District. In 2018, we enrolled in a “Keep a girl in School” Campaign where BoFiNet staff members collected sanitary towels over a period of three (3) months. A total of 1,997 packets of sanitary towels were collected and donated to Lerala JSS girl students. The aim of this initiative was to restore dignity in a girl child and curb truancy caused by lack of sanitary wear during the periods. During this project, BoFiNet staff used their own money and time to buy the towels and donate them.