A world class solution that enables organizations to connect their offices across the world through a point to point private line.

Our IPLC is a point-to-point private line used by an organization to communicate between its offices throughout the world. The connection supports a wide variety of applications including internet access, LAN-to-LAN connectivity, telemedicine, and video and teleconferencing through high quality reliable digital transmission seamlessly integrating data, voice and imaging services.

Suitable for connecting geographically (internationally) dispersed locations (offices etc.), IPLC offers a secure connection between locations in 2 countries. This is a point-to-point link connecting 2 geographically dispersed locations in different countries or even continents. This product has different flavors under it;

  • Transit - From border to border within Botswana
  • Half Circuit - From a location in Botswana to the border
  • Full Circuit – Either through Botswana from border to border and directly to a location outside Botswana using another carrier
  • • From within the country through the boarder to a location outside Botswana using another carrier

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