BoFiNet Signs Agreement Contracts with Local Content Producers

by BoFiNet / 2020-07-14 / Published in General
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In anticipation of the launch of our internet protocol television (IPTV) service, we have entered into a contract with 12 local content producers. The IPTV platform is a subscription based video on demand streaming service which will host a bouquet of local and international titles and will have a particular focus on locally produced dramas, movies, comedies and continuity programmes. 

“We see this as a prime opportunity for our organisation to support and develop our local film industry in partnership with content producers. There are numerous ways in which we can make use of technological platforms to stimulate our digital and cultural economies, and we are committed to being part of this innovation,” said BoFiNet CEO, Mr Mabua Mabua. 

Acting Deputy Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Transport and Communications, Mr Cecil Masiga said, “We want to foster healthy competition in the sector. If the content is appealing, the sector’s contribution will be a significant contributor to the GDP. The growth of the sector will require significant skills and ingenuity; I strongly believe that they have the ability and capability to do adopt a strong, innovative, approach to the creation of this content.” 

The soon to be launched platform is part of our growth strategy. We have partnered with twelve (12) production houses; Torch Studio, Studio 24 Film, Molibi Otukile, Box Screen Pictures, Onalethata MOCHINE, Baboneng Film Productions, Motion Lab, Mellow Deeds, Dee Zone Productions, Fava Choon Republic, New Look Studio and Industry Media and will launch with ninety (90) titles procured from them. 

Additionally, BoFiNet will engage with these content producers and other industry stakeholders in a series of workshops and a roundtable discussion in order to discuss ways in which challenges within the industry can be addressed and remedied. “It is important that we are able to meet our film producers halfway and encourage the telling of indigenous stories. The film industry has the potential to employ a significant number of Batswana through associated products and services, including writing, editing, catering and design, to name a few. We are looking forward to encouraging our transformation into a knowledge economy and the cultural industries are a viable sector to consider for the diversification of our economy away from mining,” said Mr Mabua. 

The IPTV platform will be launched in partnership with local internet service providers and will be available countrywide.

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